Hello There.


Hey y’all. I’m Megan Garner and I’m a video storyteller.

I’ve studied and worked in almost all areas of journalism, from newspapers to magazines to online media, and somewhere along the way I found my passion in video storytelling. I’m an award-winning shooter, producer and editor, and can rarely get through a movie without stopping to geek out about a shot angle or elegant cut.

Currently I’m working as videographer, editor and producer in Nashville, Tennessee. Previously, I co-founded my own production company in Washington D.C., and I also served as producer for an online documentary film series called One for Ten about innocent people who were wrongfully sent to death row. The series was named one of 2013’s best web series by The Guardian and was a finalist for a Webby award. My recent clients include the BBC, The Washington Post, Education Week, The New Yorker, People magazine, The Dodo, and the New York Post.

While I love telling stories about a wide range of social justice issues from criminal justice to education, I believes good stories can come from anywhere, and am always excited about new opportunities and projects.

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