BBC Travel: A Town of One

Eighty-four-year-old Elsie Eiler is the mayor of an almost ghost town. Monowi, Nebraska is America’s only incorporated town with a population of one, according to census data. Eiler serves as the town mayor, librarian, clerk and bartender of the Monowi Tavern, where she grants her own liquor license.

But being the only resident doesn’t mean Elsie gets lonely. Her tavern serves as a community hub for people in surrounding areas, and when we went to film her, Will Francome and I could scarcely get through an entire interview without customers coming in to grab a burger and catch up with Eiler. And her story has gotten so much attention that she now gets visitors from all over the world, who all come to see America’s smallest town and the woman who calls it home.

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Shot and produced with Will Francome for BBC Travel.